Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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CHAPTER 13: My chapter 13 clients get the absolute lowest monthly bankruptcy plan payments possible under bankruptcy law because I am the Bay Area's go-to authority on the means test, which is the income and expense calculations that form the basis for most chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plans. My clients get the best repayment plans because of my expertise in the complex rules of structuring and prioritizing the payments to creditors.

My clients get the best bankruptcy outcomes because I fight hard for my client's rights. I have litigated many emerging issues regarding chapter 13 plan payment terms, and cases I won have often resulted in adoption of standard operating procedures in bankruptcy court that greatly benefit all debtors.

Because of my special expertise, I was hand picked in 2013 by the local judges and bankruptcy trustees to advise on implementation of the new model chapter 13 plan that all debtors must use.

I won an appeal to the 9th Circuit B.A.P. on an important legal issue regarding payment in chapter 13 plans of secured creditor claims, such as car loans and IRS tax liens. In re Bea, 533 B.R. 283 (B.A.P. 9th Cir. 2015)That case has a significant impact for debtors nationwide, and is the subject of lawyer education conferences and scholarly articles in the bankruptcy field.

  • Have you recently had your car repossessed and need to get it back?
  • Do you owe the IRS money for back taxes?
  • Do you need to save your house from foreclosure, and get some time to pay back the arrears or apply for a loan modification?
  • Do you want the lowest possible monthly payment for your chapter 13 plan?
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